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The Country of Costa Rica

History, Government, Biodiversity, and Culture What makes Costa Rica so great?



History and Today

The history of Costa Rica stems all the way back to Christopher Columbus. In 1502 Christopher Columbus sailed the Ocean Blue. Well, that’s how it goes. And upon landing his ships, they saw the natives wearing gold jewelry and the richness of the land. Seeing this gave him the inspiration to name the land the rich coast or ‘Costa Rica”. From the start, the region became a part of New Spain in 1525 and stayed that way for almost 300 years. Not until the regions people saw Mexico’s revolution were they give the same idea. And then finally not long after the democratic government started to develop. They adopted a new Flag, Shield, and outlook for the future. After the civil war, in 1949 the Costa Rican government decided to dispose of their Army.

Today Costa Rica stands as an independent developing country. They are well developed considering this part of the world. The Literacy rate of the people is 98%, due to the high priority of education from the government. Roadways, bridges, airports, all infrastructure in general, is good. Looking at energy, this country is one of the leaders this past year. In 2016 they used 100% renewable resources, using hydro dams, windmills, solar electric, and geothermal. Also, the security of the country is very safe. Ex pants and travelers all agree it is the safest country in all Central America.

People, Culture, Sayings 

The people of this beautiful land are something else. They have different sayings foods and ways of life.

Firstly the food. The Food here is absolutely a delight for your mouth. Fresh fruits tend to be everywhere, and ones you haven’t every heard before. For example, Guanabana, Breadfruit, Anona, Granadilla, etc. And yet to mention Gallo Pinto a beautiful dish of rice beans chicken and many spices. Patacones, these are plantains cut up deep-fried squashed and then deep-fried again. They are such a delight to the food pallet.

Secondly Dancing and Music, Merengue, salsa, and cumbia fill clubs all over the country but too, a more traditional dance is The Punto Guanacasteco. During this dance, marimbas are the leading music, ladies twirl their dresses and play seductive to their dance partners. Also, we see La Cajeta and Borucan Diablitos dances.

Thirdly clothing, during special events and holidays it is very common to see locals wearing very western clothing. Cowboy hat, tight jeans, and leather boots. And during the regular periods, Costa Ricans are very much influenced to wear normal clothes you find all over North America and Europe, jeans, and t-shirt. It’s also common to see locals wearing fanny packs, men and women alike, almost as if the being stuck in the 80s. 

And finally Costa Rican sayings. Pura Vida being the most common is full of meaning. It can be hello, or goodbye, an agreement or even describe how your feeling. Tico or Tica are used to describe man or women or adding ito, ita to the end of a word/name to describe something cute or small. 

Biodiversity and Country

monteverde natureCosta Rica has over six percent of the world biodiversity. In other words a lot of plants and animals. From the endangered Jaguar to the bird of paradise flower. Dolphins, butterflies, monkeys, toucans, spiders, you name it. The different regions contain so much. It truly is mind boggling. Also not to mention Rainforests, Volcanoes, Waterfalls, and Beaches. Costa Rica has 6 active Volcanoes and 61 Dormant or dead ones. The rainforests support life to 500,000 different species, and the beaches cover over 800 miles of the coast. Lastly, waterfalls, that’s a hard one because no one has yet pinpointed how many there is.

The country, in general, is beautiful from the bustling capital of San Hose to each coast, Pacific and Caribbean. Costa Rica is gorgeous, its people will welcome you with a Pura Vida, and its animals will leave you breathless. The views will either leave you tired from the steep climb or refreshed after a relaxing day at the beach. In conclusion, Costa Rica is the land of Pura Vida; there’s no better way to sum things up.


The Country of Costa Rica
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