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Yoga in Costa Rica

Relax and Rejuvenate, Yoga Retreat Costa Rica

Those who seek a holistic holiday or who prefer to do Yoga in some idealist surroundings could not find a better place.  With its gorgeous, pristine beaches, rain forest, and numerous National Parks, Costa Rica is the ideal location. So come and get in contact with oneself and nature.  After all, a salute to the sun feels a lot better when you have it their front of you!  Yoga in Costa Rica is one of the best in the world.  Enjoy its unique wildlife and different activities you can’t do anywhere else. 

Yoga retreat Costa RicaTake your Yoga practice to Paradise

The natural and peaceful beauty and laid back atmosphere of Costa Rica make it the ideal vacation for yoga and wellness.  There are now numerous retreats that have settled on some of the most scenic parts of the country.  Whether you’re at the beach, in the jungle or the mountains.  Try one of the Health and Wellness Vacation Packages on offer.  See the Yoga Retreats and visit some of the most beautiful Beaches of Costa Rica.  Enjoy the stunning sunset, the beautiful climate, and get in a close contact with nature.

Find your Yoga Retreat Costa Rica

In Costa Rica, yoga retreats find a myriad of sui generis locations to choose from.  For example a distant beach, continental divide mountains and smoking volcanoes in the rainforest.  Some of the most amazing Yoga Clubs are set in the National Parks, away from the madness of modern life.  The Retreats are set in some of the best Hotels in Costa Rica.  Here we have the Hotel Flor Blanca in Sta Teresa, on the Pacific Coast, Ylang Ylang Resort in Montezuma, the Harmony Hotel in Nosara, or the Samasati Yoga Retreat in the Caribbean.  Try our Costa Rica Health & Wellness Package for a magical and relaxing holiday. Furthermore many hotels and retreats offer sustainable tourism.

Costa Rica for Peace of Mind and BeautyYoga retreat Costa Rica

Costa Rica yoga by the sea, on top of a mountain or by a waterfall has so many physical and spiritual benefits, why not add a little pampering and combine it with a SPA!  Most Yoga Retreats offer these services. Go Bird Watching, swimming or hiking and finish the day with another session of Yoga or a delightful massage under a flamboyant tropical sunset; there is a worse way to spend the day!

You can choose a sustainable resort to feel close to nature and relax.  All resorts provide comfort without compromising the natural environment. You might choose one of the expert massage or relaxation treatments offered by the hotel, including aromatherapy and acupressure.  Lava stone and mud rejuvenating treatments are popular.  And qualified health and beauty experts make sure that you will get the most benefits.  Health and beauty tourism in Costa Rica are popular because of the high level of services and excellent facilities.  Staying next to the Arenal or Rincon de la Vieja volcanoes and revitalizing your body using natural hot springs will enable you to get away from your problems and concentrate on the present moment.

Costa Rica Vacations for Increased Energy

Stay close to nature and stimulating your mind.  Look at the stunning scenery of Costa Rica.  This will help you forget about the world you left behind before you set off on your holiday.  You will be able to enjoy natural raw food prepared by the most respected healthy eating experts of the world.  Additionally, stay in a sustainable cabin with a private garden, and take nature tours on horseback or by foot.  Reconnect with Mother Earth and cleanse your body of all the toxins you have collected throughout the year.

Yoga in Costa Rica

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