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Costa Rica Sustainable Tourism – Conservation and Charity Efforts

This is a listing of our Conservation and Charity Efforts for Green Travel

We are proud to promote Sustainable Costa Rica tourism to this beautiful country we call home. My Costa Rica strives to educate and inspire our guests to make their Vacations to Costa Rica sustainable. And giving them options to have a positive impact during their stay here. Travelers choose a Carbon Neutral Vacation to Costa Rica. They do this by planting trees to offset the environmental impact of their flights down here.

Also, some guests bring donations for a local orphanage down in their luggage. This we receive at the airport through our Pack for a Purpose program. Others make donations to the national park system or adopt a sea turtle through the Corcovado Foundation. Above all, every little bit helps and your donations go a long way to making sure that Costa Rica stays beautiful. We also want this for future generations to enjoy.

Costa Rica Tourism code of conduct logo

The Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is an initiative set up to protect children from sexual exploitation in travel and tourism. There are an increasing sensitivity and awareness to social and ethical issues in the tourism industry. This is the fastest growing economic sector worldwide. The global problem of commercial sexual exploitation of children. While the Costa Rica Tourism industry isn’t responsible nor accused of encouraging this complex social problem. They were asked to contribute and react to it.  We as an agency, dedicate ourselves to promoting responsible and sustainable Costa Rica Tourism.

 We can make a difference!

Costa Rica Tourism code of conduct girl boyCosta Rica Tourism code-of-conduct-prison-boyThe Costa Rica Tourism industry, through working directly with clients and through the coordination of services such as accommodation, transportation and tours is a unique position to combat this unwanted phenomenon. And take responsibility to increase awareness of it. Also, to report any observation of the commercial exploitation of children in the countries where we promote tourism. Through the implementation of the Code of Conduct, professionals in the travel industry show their commitment to putting ethics and values above profits by actively striving to promote socially responsible tourism and protect our greatest resources – our children.

Background and Influential Organizations Behind the Code

code of conduct fundacioncode of conduct sad girlThe tourism industry takes measures against the sexual exploitation of children since the early 1990’s. World Tourism Organization (WTO) a leading international organization in the field. They were one of the first to manifest their opposition to the development of tourism where children are exploited in their “Tourism Bill of Rights and Tourism Code” back in 1995.  In Costa Rica, the Code of Conduct, an important project for the tourist industry. Supported by The Paniamor Foundation together with the Costa Rican Tour Operators Association (ACOT). The Costa Rican Professionals in Tourism Association (ACOPROT) and World Vision Costa Rica funded by Fundecooperación.

My Costa Rica signs & supports the Code of Conduct

code of conduct boycode of conduct prisonIn November of 2012, My Costa Rica formally re-confirmed its commitment towards promoting responsible and sustainable tourism. We signed The Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children and Adolescents from Commercial Sexual Exploitation in Tourism. As an agency, we have the firm commitment to preventing sexual exploitation of children and young people in all the destinations within Costa Rica. As professionals in the tourism industry, we have adopted the position of zero tolerance. Also strived to educate all members of our staff and providers of the importance of this initiative.

Costa Rica Tourism pack for a purpose logo

Pack for a Purpose when Traveling to Costa Rica

When traveling to Costa Rica, you can impact the life of many. It is easy, as you just have to use the space left in your luggage to bring supplies that are needed here. This is an excellent opportunity to make a significant contribution to what is desired at the place you visit. This can show how much you like the experiences you have on your vacation in Costa Rica. It is the perfect possibility to give something back and say thanks for the great time you had in the country. It can already help a lot when you only bring supplies of two to three kilograms.


pack for a purpose happy childrenShow how much you appreciate your stay in beautiful Costa Rica

The idea of Pack for a Purpose is to help those travelers who like to say thanks to the country where they go for vacation by bringing supplies. There is a need in countries all around the world. Often tourists do not know what could help the people at the places where they go. This is where Pack for a Purpose helps as they publish the list of needed things. Travelers can bring exactly the right supplies to make a contribution.

pack for a purpose staffUse space in your luggage to bring needed supplies

The procedure is easy. Have a look at the list of the requirements in the project. Pack some of these things in your luggage and hand it over to a My Costa Rica staff member as soon as you arrive in Costa Rica. It is important that you only bring things listed. This is what is needed and will help a lot. We will make sure to bring that stuff to the project, and you do not have to worry anymore about the logistics but just enjoy your vacation.

However, if you like, you can also visit the project you are supporting and bring them your supplies yourself. We can arrange this for you at the beginning or end of your vacation. Before packing your luggage contact your airline to find out how much you are allowed to take. It is important to pack the items so that they are easy to find when you arrive in Costa Rica. Please click here to see what supplies are needed for our project: Pack for a Purpose

View our projects and materials list here, in our official website in Pack for a Purpose. Pack for a Purpose

Pack for a purpose Costa Rica Pack for a purpose Costa Rica Pack for a purpose Costa Rica Pack for a purpose Costa Rica pack for a purpose

Booking Your Vacation With Our Agency

pack for a purpose school donations

Costa Rica Tourism unwto code of ethics logo

UNWTO Code of Ethics

The Global Code of Ethics for Tourism (GCET) is a set of principles directed towards; central and local governments. Also, local communities, Costa Rica Tourism industry, visitors, both international and domestic. Their purpose is to guide stakeholders in tourism development. Included in the Code are stipulations about the corporate social responsibility of travel agencies to use tourism as a vehicle to benefit local communities. They do this without endangering or risking the well-being of communities, but instead to bolster the local economy and environment.


Costa Rica Tourism to Strengthen Human Rights

unwto code of ethics signingunwto code of ethics my costa ricaTaking into account the swift and continued growth, both past and foreseeable of the tourism industry. The Code draws a primary focus of consideration to issues concerning human rights, social inclusion, gender equality, accessibility. Also, the protection of groups that are vulnerable and host communities. In particular, there are ten articles in the code which include tourism’s: contribution to mutual understanding and respect between peoples and societies; tourism as a factor of sustainable development; and rights of the workers and entrepreneurs in the Costa Rica Tourism industry.

Supporting the local Economy

unwto code ethicsMy Costa Rica investigates every vendor or provider we endorse. We respect local vendors and artisans educated our clients on the practice of fair trade and respect the culture and traditions of the communities of our tour destinations. We also teach our clients about the importance of Eco- Friendly Travel. Also, protecting wildlife and their natural habitats, and encourage the purchasing products that are not made using endangered plants or animals.

Many of our nature vacation packages offer our travelers the opportunity to see Costa Rica’s conservation efforts and extensive national park system. Being an informed and respectful traveler includes proper education and practices by the tourism sector.

Making Costa Rica Tourism Great

unwto code of ethicsMy Costa Rica understands the importance of the WTO Codeof Ethics, voluntary in its implementation. We even educate our clients on how to be a responsible traveler. In signing this accord, we promise to promote and develop tourism while taking a stance to contribute to local and national economic development, international understanding, peace, prosperity and universal respect for, and observance of, human rights and fundamental freedoms for all without distinction as to race, sex, language or religion.

Costa Rica Tourism Climate Conscious Travelers Logo

Carbon Neutral Vacations to Costa Rica

Climate Conscious Travelers – Carbon Neutral Vacations to Costa Rica

Climate Conscious Travelers (Viajeros con Conciencia Climatica (VCC)). A program offered by the National Chamber of Ecotourism (CANAECO) in Costa Rica. This program also aims to offset the carbon emissions caused by international flights by tourists flying to Costa Rica. Also, nationals who travel abroad. Visitors do opt for carbon neutral vacations to Costa Rica to show their commitment to the environment and protect the country for future generations. My Costa Rica’s proud to Promote Sustainable Costa Rica Tourism and offer our guests a way to minimize the negative impact of travel here.

Costa Rica Tourism Reforestation Projects

The compensation’s carried out by the National Forestry Financing Fund. Called FONAFIFO (Fondo Nacional De Financimiento Forestal). They do reforestation projects in critical areas of the country to offset the carbon emissions and also make efforts to save and protect forests, especially the ones visited a lot by tourists such as the Manuel Antonio National Park and Arenal Volcano. The reforestation takes place with native species, which has a lot of positive impacts such as it prevents soil erosion, conserves resources, biodiversity and water sources and it ensures oxygenation of forests.


CANAECO the National Chamber of Ecotourism of Costa Rica founded in 2003. A non-profit organization bringing together legal entities as well as individuals related to ecotourism. They also advise their members and provide them with information, as CANAECO wants to strengthen the relationships within the sector. They aim to encourage sustainable tourism practices to help to protect the countries natural and cultural heritage. They are the representative body for the sustainable tourism sector and promote the development of ecotourism, as before 2004 there did not even exist a precise definition of ecotourism in Central America.

Climate Conscious Travelers WaterfallFONAFIFO

The National Fund for Forestry Financing, the main body of the forestry sector. Presently, they develop different initiatives to protect the environment, in particular, the forest plantation. With funds, they protect the countries forests also important water sources. They also support financially private landowners, who have forests, maintaining and protecting them instead of cutting them down. One important project is, of course, the reforestation to compensate the consumption of fuel on the trip to Costa Rica.


Costa Rica Sustainable Tourism – Conservation and Charity Efforts
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