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Playa Samara Costa Rica, in Nicoya Peninsula

A Pristine Tropical Beach in Costa Rica's Northern Province of Guanacaste

Samara Costa Rica trees Samara Costa Rica sunset Samara Costa Rica horse Playa Samara Costa Rica Playa Samara Costa Rica

Playa Samara Costa Rica, in Nicoya Peninsula

With its perfect long white sand beach and wonderful ocean, it is hard to find a better place than Samara, even in Costa Rica!

Playa Samara Costa Rica, in Nicoya Peninsula

Samara Costa Rica: Laid Back and Relaxing Beach Destination

Samara Costa Rica is located on the Nicoya Peninsula in the Guanacaste province of Costa Rica. This tranquil beach area has long been a favorite with Ticos. As well as those looking for a laid-back beach experience surrounded by the best of extraordinary Costa Rica!  Samara has been increasing in popularity with visitors. All seeking relaxation and a more authentic beach vacation. Samara also maintains its reputation as one of the best places in Costa Rica for snorkeling, scuba, and sports fishing, but also for being one of the cleanest and safest beaches in all of Costa Rica!

Tranquil Beach Paradise!

Samara is particularly well known for its long white sandy beach with gentle waves, and gradual slope makes for shallow water levels. Samara Costa Rica boasts one of the few coral reefs in Costa Rica providing great snorkeling opportunities. Just a short walk down the beach to the small town of Matapalo, there is also a prime snorkeling spot perfect for visitors of all ages. Another unique feature of the Samara area is the existence of a tree-covered island. Playa that offers unique and popular swimming and wind surfing opportunities.The island is also popular with birdwatchers and kayakers that use the natural surroundings as a background to their exploration and adventures!

One of the Top Five Beaches in Central America!Samara Costa Rica

In 2013 Samara Beach was chosen as the second most beautiful beach in Central America and had maintained its reputation as a very special and picturesque location for a family beach vacation!  The beautiful beaches will give you the perfect spot to indulge in the perfect getaway – far away from crowds and big cities – just you, the beach and amazing natural landscape that will surround you. With shimmering blue water and jungle that comes right down to the sand – the beauty that is part of the Costa Rican experience will surround you!  With a charming small town feel, Samara has great little shops, restaurants, and bars for after your beach day.  Samara is the perfect place for your beach portion of your vacation here to paradise!


So Much to Do in Sunny Samara Costa Rica!

Samara Costa Rica offers a myriad of activities for visitors of all ages to enjoy. Water sports are famous in the area. For example, fishing, kayaking in the mangroves, snorkeling, surf lessons and dolphin watching!  Mountain biking and hiking are also popular pastimes in the Samara area. As well as stand-up paddle boarding.  When you are not relaxing on the spectacular beach, there are nearby National Parks to explore. Including the amazing Palo Verde National Park. The area is also a paradise for birders. They can see many of the over two hundred species that have been cataloged in the area. Or even enjoy the seasonable turtle migration – lots of things to do in Samara!

A Hidden Gem: Samara Beach Costa Rica

samara beach costa rica a fun for all beach escape beachWhen looking for beaches to visit on your Costa Rica vacation, come to Playa Samara. There are many reasons why you should visit Samara beach. This small, and yet, culturally rich beach located on the Pacific coast of Guanacaste, is perfect for all types of vacationers. The honeymooners will find beautiful white beaches and beautiful sunsets, while the adventure seeker can get their adrenaline rush surfing or ocean kayaking to the small island Chora.

Deemed the safest and friendliest Costa Rica Beach

Not a seasoned traveler?  A little nervous about traveling to Latin America?  Want to relax with no worries? Samara is just the place.  Over the past decade, a once sleepy town was transformed into a tourist haven.  While you will find many Ex-pats, vacationers and students studying at the local Spanish Language School, Intercultural, Samara has somehow maintained it’s charm and culture.  Rent a bicycle and travel down the dirt paths from your hotel, straight to the beach.  Or, better yet, stay right on the beach! Enjoy the sun, take a siesta, dine at one of the amazing restaurants and watch a beautiful sunset. 

Adventure Seeking – Activities Abound

If just taking a leisurely romantic stroll along the long, white beach front lined with beautiful palm trees isn’t going to fulfill the adrenaline junkie in you, Samara offers plenty of adventure. Top 3 activities in Samara:

1. Ocean Kayaking – There are several companies lined along the beach where you can rent a kayak. Hop over the waves and push against the tide to the island about 30-45 minutes offshore.  This is truly challenging and requires good physical condition.

2. Snorkeling – Samara has an amazing coral reef about 300 meters off shore, which makes it great for surfing, but also great for snorkeling.  Boats will take you out there, give you all the gear you need, and you can leisurely swim around taking in numerous types of tropical fish.  As always, be careful not to let the tide push you into the coral!

3. Surf  It is Costa Rica, after all. Samara is great for experienced surfers as well as novices, and there are plenty of surf schools who will rent you the proper equipment.  

Samara Beach Costa Rica – A Romantic Paradise!

Call to all romantics, lovers – this is a perfect destination for a getaway with a loved one or Honeymoon in Costa Rica!  Samara is love! Hold your lover’s hand, take a stroll down the beach while looking for beautiful coral washed up on the shore. Other ideas for romantics in Samara include:

1. Horseback riding – This might be a traditional interpretation of romance, but taking a horseback ride along the beach, during the sunset, watching the waves pound the beach is just a beautiful setting.  Afterward, bring wine, and have a picnic on the beach while watching the birds dive into the ocean to feast on fish during the low tide. 

2. Dine – here you’ll find great dining.  Sip on wine, or a traditional Imperial beer while eating the local service (a wonderful dish of chopped fish in lime juice with spices). Many restaurants overlook the beach.

3. Enjoy fantastic hotels – Honeymooners!  Want that extra privacy and luxurious feeling?  Stay at Hotel Villas Samara, sip on Pina Coladas and swim up to the pool bar. 

Family Vacation on Samara Beach

Another reason why Samara beach is great is that it is family friendly. Bars are relatively small, and partying is not a way of life in this town.  Visit the small jewelry stands, enjoy local pizzerias, stay at family-friendly hotels and include the kids in surf lessons.  Immerse the children in a different culture, while still feeling safe and secure. Whether you want to sit and read a book under the shade of one of the many coconut or palm trees, you want a bit of adventure or a romantic getaway, Playa Samara won’t disappoint.  

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Hotel Villas Playa Samara Living Area

Hotel Villas Playa Samara

Featuring 106 beautiful rooms and villas on 7 kilometers of pristine white sand beach amid exuberant exotic gardens, Villas Playa Samara Beachfront Resort offers something for everyone: a luxurious swimming pool, gourmet international dining, and a plethora of wildlife and adventure activities and entertainment.

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Hotel Giada Bedroom

Hotel Giada Costa Rica

The Family Friendly Hotel Giada is located in Playa Samara, on the Northern Pacific Coast and Province of Guanacaste.

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Hotel Sol Samara Bedroom

Hotel Sol Samara

The Hotel Sol Samara is a mixture of pleasure and elegance combination with a little touch of our Costa Rican flavor. Our amazing location offers a relaxing and a quiet environment, not to mention all the great amenities we provide and all the activities we can get you in order for you to have a great experience that only Hotel Sol Samara can have.





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Rio Ora Kayak Tour

Rio Ora Kayak Tour

Go for a relaxing paddle on Rio Ora or Buena Vista with an experienced nature guide to see exotic riverside wildlife.

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Activity level: Moderate

Type Water Nature


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