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Costa Rica Nature Packages

Take a Wild Vacation!

Costa Rica Ecotourism is world-famous for its progressive efforts and extensive national park system. So much, emphasis on sustainable, eco-friendly tourism. In fact, guaranteed to protect the country’s natural resources for many generations. This is also why our Costa Rica Ecotourism nature packages are the perfect for the Ecotourist. Those looking to experience an incredible degree of biodiversity. Also found nowhere else on the planet. Due to its geographical location, Costa Rica acts as a bridge between the northern and southern hemisphere. Also accounting for the incredible diversity of flora and fauna found here. 

Take a Walk on the Wild Side – Spot Costa Rica Animals in the wild!

Nature will be part of every activity you partake in a while visiting Costa Rica. Too, there are certain areas of the country that are the best for nature lovers seeking biodiversity and wildlife sightings. Above all let us help make this trip amazing.

The Top 5 Nature Destinations to see Costa Rica Animals are:

Costa Rica Nature Packages

costa rica animals jaguarCorcovado National Park

The top destination for the most diverse species of Costa Rica animals  Corcovado National Park. This remote corner on the Southern Pacific coastline of Costa Rica might be the most biological diverse place on Earth. Many naturalists from all four corners of the world come to Costa Rica just to be in Corcovado and see a herd of peccaries, endangered jaguars, Baird’s tapirs, scarlet macaws, and four species of Costa Rican monkeys in one tree, and many other true natural wonders.  Just off the coast of Corcovado is Del Caño Island Biological Reserve, although not part of Corcovado National Park, its available for park visitors as a prime destination for snorkeling and scuba diving.


where to go in costa rica for nature slothManuel Antonio is Wildlife

Manuel Antonio might be Costa Rica’s smallest National Park, but it boasts an impressive ecosystem filled to the brim with wildlife and naturalists seeking encounters with sloths, monkeys, toucans, snakes, iguanas, basilisk, crab eating raccoons and other incredible jungle creatures.  Acquiring the knowledge and services of a licensed park guide to point out all the hidden wonders in Manuel Antonio National Park comes highly recommended. They will take you through easy access trails in the park and show you Central America’s nicest beach.  Animals come visit hotels in Manuel Antonio all the time. Sometimes all you have to do is look out your window to see a swarm of monkeys passing by.


where to go in costa rica for nature paddle boatNatural Serenity in Tortuguero National Park

Tortuguero protects vast tropical rainforests and a network of rivers and canals parallel to the ocean that once, many years ago, served the logging industry in this remote region of Costa Rica.

Tortuguero’s display of wildlife involves four species of marine turtles that nest on it’s black sand beaches and bustling riparian creatures like crocodiles, caymans, river turtles, monkeys, snakes and lots and lots of other river animals.



where to go in costa rica for nature vyper snakeSouthern Caribbean Rhythm and Beaches

Caribbean Hotels in Costa Rica are rich and authentic in their culture. The Afro Caribbean atmosphere in this part of Costa Rica is alluring, but so is the abundance of its  nature.

Costa Rican Southern Caribbean beaches like Cocles, Punta Uva, and Manzanillo retain a large percentage of tall jungles where sloths, toucans, monkeys and other tropical flora and fauna can easily be spotted over head along the main road connecting these wonderful beaches.

Cahuita National Park also belongs to this region. The park’s nature trails along the beach are teaming up with all sorts of wildlife on land and under the water. It should be known that Cahuita is a favorite destination for snorkeling in Costa Rica.


Transitional Jungles of Cabo Blanco Absolute Reservewhere to go in costa rica for nature hermit crab

The trails in Cabo Blanco are a real treat for nature hikers. They take tourists through humid forests, which in just a few steps turn into dry forests. A beautiful beach is at the end of the trail, which in total can take five hours to walk.

The small hills lowered by creeks of water cradle where echoes from Cabo Blanco’s inhabitants travel far. If you pay close attention to the low branch rustles, you’ll now the white faced capuchins nearby. Faint branches breaking high over head can be effortlessly heard from moving howlers in the tree tops. Deer, wild turkeys, long nosed coatis and many other animals are well protected in Cabo Blanco.

Cabo Blanco is between Montezuma and Mal Pais.

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From: $1,649

Escape to Nature Vacation Package

Escape to Nature

Escape to Nature Vacation Package includes two extraordinary natural places in Costa Rica: Manuel Antonio, located in Central Pacific, and Playa Cativo, located in Osa Peninsula.

Duration: 6 Nights

Destinations: Golfito Golfo Dulce Manuel Antonio San Jose

Type Nature

From: $ 2,136 p.p.

Samasati Nature Retreat Exterior

Yoga in the Caribbean

What could be more perfect than a week of yoga, healthy natural food and wonderful people in a pristine natural setting? Samasati Yoga Retreat offers spectacular ocean views, adventure tours and a place to refine your daily yoga practice. Explore Costa Rica’s beautiful Caribbean coast!

Duration: 9 Nights

Destinations: Cahuita San Jose

Type Nature Health & Wellness

From: $ 1,524 p.p.

Rafiki Safari Lodge Terrace

Where the Wild Things Are – A Costa Rica Jungle Vacation

This vacation package to Costa Rica gives you a chance to see some of the country’s most wild and beautiful areas including the pristine Osa Peninsula next to the Corcovado National Park.

Duration: 7 Nights

Destinations: Golfo Dulce Manuel Antonio San Jose

Type Nature

From: $ 1,322 p.p.

Costa Rican Vacation Package Two Oceans & A Volcano

Two Oceans & A Volcano

Get the most out of your time in Costa Rica and explore two coasts! First visit the canals and rainforest areas of Tortuguero on Costa Rica’s Caribbean Coast before heading over to the Arenal Volcano and finally a stop at the legendary beaches of Manuel Antonio.

Duration: 9 Nights

Destinations: Arenal Manuel Antonio San Jose Tortuguero

Type Nature

From: $ 1,581 p.p.


The Best of Birding in Paradise – Costa Rica Bird Watching Vacation

With its 812 recorded bird species, and diverse hábitat types, Costa Rica represents an extraordinary destination for birders.

Duration: 8 Nights

Destinations: Arenal Cano Negro Dominical Jaco San Gerardo San Jose

Type Nature

From: $ 1,214 p.p.


Relaxing in the Caribbean

The Caribbean Coast is Costa Rica’s best-kept secret; less developed and away from the tourist crowds, its wild beaches and abundant wildlife makes it the perfect place to really chill out!

Duration: 7 Nights

Destinations: Puerto Viejo San Jose

Type Nature Health & Wellness

From: $ 1,108 p.p.

Hotel El Establo Zipline

Jungle Jaunt – Costa Rica Jungle Vacation

This nine day nature vacation package takes you through some of Costa Rica’s most beautiful areas. Go rafting through virgin rainforest on the incredible Pacuare River. Here toucan’s fly over head as you pass through giant waterfalls in a serene tropical setting.

Duration: 8 Nights

Destinations: Arenal Manuel Antonio Monteverde San Jose

Type Nature

From: $ 1,367 p.p.


Culture Vulture – A Costa Rica Culture Vacation

This vacation will change your life! Moreover you will visit a coffee plantation, experience great landscape with diverse flora and fauna and spend two nights in the middle of the jungle.

Duration: 9 Nights

Destinations: Cahuita Pacuare Poas San Jose

Type Nature Adventure

From: $ 1,159 p.p.


In Perfect Harmony

This vacation is guaranteed to help you relax and rejuvenate in a beautiful tropical setting. Enjoy the fantastic spa, hot springs and adventure activities at Borinquen Mountain resort and then head over to the pristine beaches found at Nosara for your stay at the Hotel Harmony.

Duration: 7 Nights

Destinations: Nosara Rincon de la Vieja

Type Nature Health & Wellness

From: $ 632 p.p.


Affordable Caribbean Adventure

Experience the true flavor of the Caribbean Coast with its beautiful wild beaches, abundant wildlife and rich culture, at an affordable price.

Duration: 6 Nights

Destinations: Cahuita Pacuare Puerto Viejo San Jose Tortuguero

Type Nature

From: $ 1,444 p.p.


Away from the Crowds

This vacation will take you to some of the most unique places in Costa Rica, away from the main tourist spots. You will see the country’s least developed and most natural locations, from the heart of the rainforest to the wild south Pacific coast.

Duration: 9 Nights

Destinations: Dominical San Gerardo San Jose

Type Nature Health & Wellness

From: $ 1,738 p.p.

Playa Nicuesa Lodge Holiday House

Romance in the Jungle

Enjoy some of the most beautiful and romantic hotels in the country as you escape the crowds and head for the jungle! You will love your tropical surroundings, the wildlife, peace and quiet, and the unforgettable experiences you will have.

Duration: 7 Nights

Destinations: Manuel Antonio Puerto Jimenez San Jose

Type Romance Nature

From: $ 714 p.p.

Hotel La Mariposa Jacuzzi

Family Wildlife Safari

The Family Safari will take you on a journey to explore areas with the most beautiful wildlife Costa Rica has to offer. You will get to know two different places showing you the most amazing flora and fauna.

Duration: 7 Nights

Destinations: Manuel Antonio San Jose Tortuguero

Type Family Nature

From: $ 1,100 p.p.

Seventh Heaven Waterfall Hika and Swim

Costa Rica’s Seventh Heaven

Become one with nature and get to know Costa Rica’s heritage through your own experience! A guide will direct your tour and you will discover all about nature, conservation and culture as you hike amongst the Fila Chonta Mountains.

Duration: 7 Nights

Destinations: Arenal Manuel Antonio San Jose

Type Family Nature Adventure

From: $ 975 p.p.

Hotel Arenal Springs View From Balkony

Active Family Adventure – Family Vacation to Costa Rica

The Active Family Adventure takes you on a journey to an active volcano as well as the Pacific Ocean. You will experience two very different landscapes, the tropical rainforest and a beautiful beach. Throughout the whole trip you will take part in a lot of different activities that will be enjoyable for the family.

Duration: 7 Nights

Destinations: Arenal San Jose Tamarindo

Type Family Nature Adventure

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