Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula

The Osa Peninsula and Southern Pacific coast is home to the amazing Corcovado National Park!

    • Drake Bay Osa Peninsula Beach
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    Drake Bay Osa Peninsula Beach Osa-Peninsula-Frog Osa-Peninsula-Frog Osa-Peninsula-Tucan Osa-Peninsula-Bridge Osa-Peninsula-Turtle

    Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica

    While each beach is unique in its own way, they are all stunningly beautiful, with stretches of white sand and turquoise blue sea, glorious sunsets and virgin pristine primary rainforests. Once upon the time the Osa Peninsula was an island; species evolved there on their own and thus they are unique and only found there in this magical location. Indeed the South Pacific of Costa Rica is one of the most important regions of this country in terms of bio-diversity. Corcovado alone has more than 400 species of birds and more than a hundred of mammals and amphibians, over 40,000 hectares of protected land. National Geographic declared the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica to be “one of the most biologically diverse regions on earth”.

    Eco-Tourism In The Osa Peninsula

    Eco-Tourism has been highly promoted in the areas of Golfito, Puerto Jimenez, Uvita, Dominical and Perez Zeledon; this is indeOsa Peninsula Lapased where you will find the largest concentration of ecological projects, in an effort to protect the vast virgin primary forests with their abundance of awesome trees, plants, animals and incredible coastline. There are lots of Activities in Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula; it is perfect for swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving, kayaking through caves or on mangroves, whale and dolphin watching, sports fishing and more. The Corcovado National Park is one of the world’s wonder while the Ballena Marine National Park is a must for whale and dolphin watching. There are still a few Jaguars today in Corcovado; these awesome cats are just down to a few hundreds in Costa Rica. The Osa Peninsula is a must for nature lovers and those who can appreciate the magical beauty of Planet Earth.

    Where To Stay In The Osa Peninsula

    This region has so many beaches and so much to see that it is difficult to decide where to stay. There are however myriads of beautiful lodges and Hotels on Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula. Dominical, being mainly a surfer’s haven, has a choice of cheaper and more basic accommodations, while as you make you way south, they become more exclusive and environmentally friendly. These are most definitely beautiful and elegant hotels, however they seldom care for more than 80 guests. Bigger projects consist of bungalows and cabinas that are dispersed sparingly in the forest or by the beaches and use up to only 20% of the area of the hotel. They usually can arrange various Tours of Costa Rica, like hiking, horseback riding, and most have awesome views over the ocean and flamboyant sunsets. The Oxygen Jungle Villas in Playa Ballena, the Casa Corcovado Lodge in Drake Bay or the Remanso Eco Lodge are just a few of the magnificent hotels on offer in this magical region.

    The Osa Peninsula - A Lost Paradise You Must See

    The Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica is not only the most beautiful region of Costa Rica but also the most interesting. There is so much to explore, to discover and these wonderful pristine beaches are like out of a dream. The natural majestic beauty and serenity of the Osa Peninsula is reminiscent of a world where destruction and pollution are unknown. Come and enjoy the dramatic sunrises on the SouthEast the most stunning sunsets of Costa Rica on the Northwest. 

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    Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula
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