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Irazu Volcano Costa Rica

National Park & Travel Destination

Irazu Volcano Costa Rica Irazu Volcano Pizote Irazu Volcano Crater Irazu Volcano

Irazu Volcano Costa Rica

A major eruption of the Irazu Volcano in 1723 completely destroyed the capital at the time and the current Costa Rican capital of San Jose, was completely covered in heavy soot and ash after a 1993 eruption.

Irazu Volcano Costa Rica

The name Irazu, derived from the language of the indigenous people and means: thunder” or “place that shakes,” which has been certainly true in the past! It is known by Costa Ricans as “Colossus” because of its 23 recorded eruptions since 1723. Irazu Volcano is now considered stable and dormant and has become the leading location for strawberry cultivation and other farming and dairy pursuits. 

Irazu National Park

Less than a sixty mile trip from San Jose, Irazu is a very popular destination for visitors. The summit has several interesting craters including one that includes Diego de la Hoya. This is a fascinating deep crater lake with beautiful green water. At almost 6000 acres, the park is chock-full of interesting animal and plant species. The facilities include places to get food and drinks and locations for hiking and picnics. Worth visiting on your trip to Costa Rica, Irazu Volcano is a fascinating chance to see a volcano up close and personal!

The Irazu Volcano - an amazing day trip from San José!

It was such an amazing drive up to Irazu! So very beautiful- the clouds floated above the forest, and the temperature dropped about 15 degrees from the city. There was almost no traffic, and it was an easy drive- the roads were good all of the ways up. Every turn provided a new vista with an even more breathtaking view of the lush forest and fields or the beautiful city of Cartago.

The side of the road had dense foliage of large “elephant ear” type plants and tall pine trees.  The name Irazu comes from the local Indian village I start, which meant a hill of trembling and thunder. We were grateful this wasn’t the case while traveling there! The whole area had an only moonscape feel to it- large “beaches” of a fine, black dusty sand and scarred rock walls where the blast ripped out the center of the mountain.  This was a great day trip while you are in San Jose. Close to the city and a beautiful drive- well worth the time!

Beautiful Drive and Scenery!

Local farmers had set up on the roadside selling potatoes, onions, calla lilies, goat cheese and a variety of locally produced products. We finally arrived at the entrance to Irazu Volcano.  Then we paid the entry fee only $10 for nonresidents and drove up to the parking lot.  Instantly a group of friendly Pizote greeted us, also called the Coati which is a raccoon-like an animal. They amused all of the visitors with their antics and wIrazu Volcano Craterere very friendly. The Coati looks just like a raccoon except has a longer snout.  Also, it is longer and thinner than the animals that I am familiar with. They were enjoying the crowds and rummaging through the trash cans.

Irazu was awesome! And hard to imagine the force required to create such an enormous hole. Though chilly at the summit, it was invigorating to walk up to the edge of the Irazu Volcano. So cool to peer down to the small lake at the bottom- yellow/green with sulfur. This active volcano is the tallest in Costa Rica at nearly 3500 meters and provides amazing views.

The Thunder of Irazu

The Irazu Volcano is one of the most impressive natural wonders in the Orosi Valley. In 1723 a major eruption destroyed Cartago, which was the capital of Costa Rica at the time. San Hose too, was completely covered in ash and heavy soot after an eruption in 1993. Costa Ricans call this sleeping giant “Colossus” due to the 23 eruptions recorded since 1723. However today, the volcano at Irazu is considered dormant, and activity here has stabilized. The area has become a prime location for agriculture due to its fertile soils. Here you’ll find many farms dedicated to strawberry cultivation, exotic flowers and dairy pursuits.

Irazu is a very popular destination for visitors as it is located less than sixty miles from San Jose. At the summit, you’ll find several interesting craters such as “Diego de la Hoya,” which features a fascinating deep crater lake filled with beautiful green water. The Irazu Volcano is a national park that protects nearly 6000 acres, preserving a multitude of interesting animal and plant species. The facilities include places to get food and drinks and locations for hiking and picnics. The Irazu Volcano is worth visiting on your trip to Costa Rica and is truly one of the highlights of the Orosi Valley.

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The Rich Coast Playa Carate Costa Rica located near the most southern tip of the Osa Peninsula. Don’t be mistaken this is an extremely secluded beach. The Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica, one of the last areas explored by local ranchers and farmers during the agricultural expansion years. Half of Osa was practically left untouched, and its […]

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  A Must See  The world-famous Arenal Volcano is an iconic volcano. Notably the classic conic shape towers above La Fortuna in the Northwest of Costa Rica. Arenal erupted in 1968 after years of being dormant. Currently, it’s one of the most visited National Parks in Costa Rica. It was dormant for hundreds of years […]

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Tamarindo Costa Rica, a Popular Vacation Spot Tamarindo takes its name from the tamarind trees that line its coastline around the beach. What was once a sleepy fishing village, Tamarindo Costa Rica is now one of the most popular beach areas in Guanacaste. With lots of shops, luxury hotels, and restaurants. Surfers love the laid-back vibe of the […]

Corcovado National Park

Corcovado National Park

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Dominical Beach Costa Rica – Surf & Travel Guide

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Capital Of Costa Rica San Jose Costa Rica, the capital of the country and found in the Central Valley.  The city was founded in 1738, but not until 1823 that it was given the name after Joseph of Nazareth.  It has become a modern, cosmopolitan city and is presently home a third of the country’s entire population. […]

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Samara Costa Rica: Laid Back and Relaxing Beach Destination Samara Costa Rica is located on the Nicoya Peninsula in the Guanacaste province of Costa Rica. This tranquil beach area has long been a favorite with Ticos. As well as those looking for a laid-back beach experience surrounded by the best of extraordinary Costa Rica!  Samara has been […]

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One of the Largest Craters in the World Poas Volcano is one of the most popular volcanoes in Costa Rica. Mostly because of the proximity to San Jose (approximately an hour and a half). Also, the amazingly dense forest park that surrounds the two craters- making it an oasis close to the city!  Poas is […]

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Sophisticated Flamingo Beach Costa Rica Flamingo Beach Costa Rica, located on the Pacific Coast, North of the famous Tamarindo Beach. Also, considered to be one of a gorgeous Beaches of Costa Rica! Indeed it has an air of sophisticated class about it, as the brilliant white sand beach is picture perfect. This beach is very good for swimming, sports fishing, […]

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Costa Rica’s Riviera – The Gulf of Papagayo in Guanacaste! The area is easily accessible, located just a half an hour from the Liberia International Airport. Here you’ll find some of the country’s best hotels including the spectacular Four Seasons. The area is also home to several all-inclusive properties such as the Westin Playa Conchal […]

Rincon de la vieja Volcano

Rincon de la Vieja Costa Rica

Rincon de la Vieja – A Nature Lover’s Paradise The Rincon de la Vieja Volcano is located in Costa Rica’s northern province of Guanacaste. Only an hour from the international airport of Liberia. There is so much to see and do up near the Rincon de la Vieja Volcano that you may want to stay a […]

San Gerardo de Dota Quetzal

San Gerardo de Dota – Costa Rica

San Gerardo de Dota is a little jewel hidden away in the rainforest of the Talamanca Mountain Range, in the Province of San Jose. With an altitude of 2200 meters, San Gerardo de Dota has a fresh and clean air, plush green rain forest and an incredible biodiversity. Nestled in the valley of the Savegre […]


Playa Conchal Costa Rica

Exotic Playa Conchal Costa Rica Playa Conchal is considered by many to be one of the most exotic Beaches of Costa Rica. It is a shining white beach made of small broken shells and coral. It gives the sea a rare clarity and an attractive turquoise blue color. This beach is totally pristine and untouched, […]

Puerto Viejo Costa Rica Beach

The Beaches of Puerto Viejo Costa Rica

Getting to Puerto Viejo Costa Rica Located on the Southern Caribbean coast of the country, Puerto Viejo Costa Rica is one of the most popular tourist spots in the country. The drive from capital San Jose is beautiful. If you are up for a road trip in Costa Rica, this route takes you right through the […]

Rio Celeste Costa rica Blue Pool

Rio Celeste Costa Rica

Ethereal Beauty of the Rio Celeste Costa Rica Endowed with spectacular natural beauty and plenty of wildlife, Rio Celeste Costa Rica is off the typical tourist trail. Created in 1995, Tenorio Volcano National Park is perhaps most famous for its magnificent Rio Celeste (Blue River). A river of turquoise blue waters which winds through the […]

Puntarenas beach

Puntarenas Costa Rica

This long province called Puntarenas Costa Rica offers a variety of interests. Including surfing, scuba diving, swimming, and hiking in cloud forests. It is teeming with wildlife and exotic plants and is a paradise for nature’s lovers. Puntarenas Costa Rica is the largest province Puntarenas is the largest province and one of the most important […]

Dawn in Ostional

Ostional Beach in Guancaste Costa Rica

Ostional Beach The magic of Ostional Beach rests in the Olive Ridley Turtles that come to nest on this beach. Also accompanied by their relative the Kemp Sea Turtles. This is a sight one should see at least once in their lifetime. It is so unique and very emotional. We are faced with these old […]

Bahia Ballena from the air

Bahia Ballena Costa Rica

Bahia Ballena Costa Rica – An Unexplored Paradise!   The Marino Ballena National Park, created in 1990 for the protection of the coral reefs found around the Isla Ballena. It is also an important sanctuary for seabirds that use it for nesting and green iguanas and basilisk lizards. It is the ideal place to stay when […]

Tambor Costa Rica view

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Great Connections in Tambor Costa Rica The Nicoya Peninsula is full of pretty little beach towns, all with the same laid-back vibes and amazing surf. Surrounded by luscious greenery with a beautiful long sandy beach, Playa Tambor Costa Rica is no different. Given that Playa Tambor has its own domestic airport serving the entire area, […]

hermosa beach

Playa Hermosa Near Jaco Costa Rica

Playa Hermosa Costa Rica Near Jaco – A Beautiful Beach! Considered one of the best surf breaks, Playa Hermosa Costa Rica on the Central Pacific is a great destination for surfers!  This beach is not to be confused with other Playa Hermosa in Costa Rica as there are 4 of them! In Spanish, Hermosa means beautiful, […]

Nosara Costa Rica beach

Nosara Costa Rica

Nosara Costa Rica And Its International Community Nosara Costa Rica, located on the sunny Gold Coast of Nicoya Peninsula. It is a compilation of beaches, and there is one there that is just right for you! The international community of Nosara counts with people from Switzerland, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, UK, the US and probably more! […]

Playa Hermosa

Playa Hermosa in Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Playa Hermosa Costa Rica – Hermosa Means Beautiful In Spanish Playa Hermosa Costa Rica lives up to its name in Spanish, “beautiful beach. This gray sand beach is one of the most popular beaches of Costa Rica. It is located in Guanacaste, near Playas del Coco and Playa Panama. Despite its popularity, this beach is seldom crowded. […]

Rio Pacuare

Pacuare River Costa Rica

The Pacuare River offers a full day of Class III/IV rafting in some of the most beautiful scenery and countryside that Costa Rica has to offer! This full day adventure includes breakfast and lunch and transportation to and from some of Costa Rica’s major destinations. Located on the Atlantic slope of the country, the Pacuare […]

Cano Negro Wildlife Refuge

Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge

Cano Negro Wildlife Refuge – One of the most ecologically diverse sites in Costa Rica Cano Negro Wildlife Refuge, composed of 25,100 acres (102 km2) of wetlands. It’s roughly a two-hour drive from La Fortuna and the Arenal Volcano area. Governed by the National System of Conservation Areas (SINAC), and situated in the North-Central area of Costa […]

Montezuma Costa Rica beach

Montezuma Costa Rica

Montezuma Costa Rica – Half of the Adventure is Getting There Nestled at the bottom of a plateau on the eastern shore of the Nicoya Peninsula, Montezuma Costa Rica is a charming village full of art and individuality. To get there, you can catch the ferry from Puntarenas to Paquera. Then continue your journey by […]

Playa Ocotal View

Playa Ocotal, Costa Rica

Playa Ocotal Costa Rica is the perfect destination for a memorable holiday under the tropical sun of Guanacaste. Ocotal Beach is located in the Province of Guanacaste, at the entrance of the beautiful Gulf of Papagayo. Also, this is one of the most precious Beaches of Costa Rica. The surrounding forest is full of howler monkeys, […]

Pavones Costa Rica sunset

Pavones Beach Costa Rica

Pavones Beach – Top surf destination! Pavones Costa Rica beach is located in Golfo Dulce. A unique location as it is one of the only tropical canyons of the world. It is also a great spot to be if you like to get back in touch with nature and away from the busy cities. The lodgings in […]

Golfo Dulce View

Golfo Dulce Costa Rica

Golfo Dulce, Osa Peninsula  With over 600 foot deep waters in the center, the Gulf is home to schools of humpback whales and is a haven for sports fishermen. The bay separates the Osa Peninsula from the mainland of Costa Rica. Golfo Dulce possess many large secluded beaches and an amazing tropical rain forest. Visitors may […]

Sarapiqui River

Sarapiqui Costa Rica

Rainforest Adventures  There are several rivers flowing in all directions of the region: Rio Pacuare, Tortuguero Canal and of course the Rio Sarapiqui. Guided hikes through the rainforest, canopy tours, aerial trams and butterfly gardens await the milder explorer at heart.  Also, if you’re seeking a unique adventure vacation off the beaten path – truly the place for you! Ecolodges […]

Cocos Island Scuba Diving

Cocos Island Costa Rica

Cocos Island, The Galapagos Of Central America Cartographers and Mariners already knew about Cocos Island at the beginning of the sixteenth century; it holds the name Isle des Cocques on an ancient map by Nicholas Desliens made in 1541! The Cocos Island became a National Park in 1978 and were declared a World Heritage Site in 1997 […]

Playa Potrero Costa Rica sunset

Playa Potrero in Guanacaste

Playa Potrero Costa Rica Located in Guanacaste, on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, just south of Playa Flamingo and Marina. Playa Potrero Costa Rica used to be a small fishing village. Today it is home to a friendly community of Ticos and Ex-pats who enjoy the serene atmosphere and beautiful location of this adorable little town. […]

Braulio Carrillo National Park

Braulio Carrillo National Park

Braulio Carrillo National Park in Heredia, Costa Rica The protected area covers over 108,000 acres of rolling hills covered with amazingly dense vegetation and beautiful scenery. Braulio Carrillo National Park, located only about eleven miles from San Jose and includes Barva Volcan, an inactive volcano. The highest peak in the park is 9,534 feet. There […]

Playa Langosta

Playa Langosta

Playa Langosta, Guanacaste Located in the northern Pacific province of Guanacaste just south of Tamarindo.  Easy to access from the Liberia International Airport (LIR – Daniel Oduber Quiros). Playa Langosta is one of the premiere surf beaches in this part of the country.   A much quieter option than its larger neighbor, Tamarindo, Playa Langosta offers […]

Irazu Volcano Costa Rica

Irazu Volcano Costa Rica

The name Irazu, derived from the language of the indigenous people and means: thunder” or “place that shakes,” which has been certainly true in the past! It is known by Costa Ricans as “Colossus” because of its 23 recorded eruptions since 1723. Irazu Volcano is now considered stable and dormant and has become the leading […]

Esterillos Costa Rica View

Esterillos Costa Rica – Surf & Travel Destination

Esterillos Costa Rica Esterillos Costa Rica, is a beach that has an exotic tropical air that is very pleasant. With its chocolate-brown sandy beach, turquoise blue sea, and the almond and coconut trees teeming with Scarlet Macaws. The long stretch consists of Esterillos Oeste, Centro and Esterillos Este. Esterillos Beach is a very typical destination in Costa […]

Junquillal Beach Map

Playa Junquillal in Guanacaste Costa Rica, a deserted paradise!

Playa Junquillal  in Guanacaste About twenty kilometers south of Tamarindo you will find the tranquil Playa Junquillal. This beach is less developed, with three km long stretch of white sand and coconut trees, and grasslands. Playa Junquillal is one of the most deserted and pristine Beaches of Guanacaste Costa Rica. Too only a few hotels and […]

Palo Verde National Park Anteater

Palo Verde National Park in Costa Rica

Palo Verde National Park Palo Verde National Park is located on the banks of the Tempisque River, in the Nicoya Peninsula. It is one of the best parks for Bird Watching and observing a whole array of wildlife and tropical fauna. It is the meeting area of the largest concentration of aquatic and migratory birds of the […]


Barra Honda National Park Costa Rica

Barra Honda National Park – Amazing limestone caves and caverns Barra Honda National Park, located in Nicoya Peninsula Costa Rica. It is home to amazing limestone caves and caverns, as well as world-class stalagmites and stalactites. These limestone monuments date back over 70 million years. Only recently discovered. Presently Barra Honda, possess forty-two caverns in the National Park. […]

Gandoca Manzanillo beach

Gandoca Manzanillo – Wildlife Refuge

The Gandoca Manzanillo – Wildlife Refuge The Gandoca Manzanillo – Wildlife Refuge protects some of the most endangered species of the region. Including the Manatee, the Ocelot and the Jaguar and an exotic variety of birds. Classified as a humid tropical rainforest. It also protects some fantastic mangrove oyster beds that are resting on the […]

La Amistad Costa Rica tree

La Amistad International Park: Symbol of Friendship

La Amistad International Park Costa Rica La Amistad International Park is a joint effort between Costa Rica and Panama. This is why it is also called La Amistad (“Amistad” means “Friendship”) International Park. It borders reach throughout Cordillera de Talamanca, a mountain range over 3800 meters of altitude! This territory too varies in climate, altitude and soil type. […]


Playa Avellanas Guanacaste Costa Rica

Playa Avellanas The little town of Playa Avellanas consists mainly of hotels and cabins, a few restaurants and villas. It is a wonderful place to be for getting away from the city and havoc, and find peace and relaxation. A gorgeous setting and the spectacle of beautiful sunsets over and over again. What to do […]

Orosi Valley

Orosi Valley of Costa Rica

Orosi Valley – Cartago : Costa Rica’s First Capital Its striking Cathedral dating back to 1639 is a place of pilgrimage and millions of people make the arduous journey there on foot from all over the country at the beginning of every August. In Orosi, its sacred black Madonna, La Negrita, draws people all year […]

Costa Rica Souvenirs Sarchi Oxcart

Sarchi Costa Rica – Ox Carts and Cultural Traditions

Culture Vulture in Sarchi and Naranjo Locals come from all over the country to buy fine Sarchi furniture for their homes. They decorate their yards with a traditional hand-painted oxcart. There is a wide range of working souvenir and oxcart factories. You will be spoiled for choice with arts and craftsmanship in this charming town. […]

Playa Negra Guanacaste

Playa Negra Costa Rica

Playa Negra Costa Rica, a  Paradise in Guanacaste Located in the Northern Costa Rica province of Guanacaste, Playa Negra Costa Rica enjoys the very best of locations for experiencing hot sunny days on a nearly perfect white sandy beach!  Playa Negra has refreshing off shore breezes almost year round. Come and enjoy the cloudless sunny days […]

Playa Panama beach

Playa Panama Costa Rica

Playa Panama: A Private Beach In Papagayo Playa Panama is one of the most secluded and serene Beaches of Costa Rica. This beach is located in the province of Guanacaste, in the Gulf of Papagayo. It lies within a small bay called Snake Bay, or Bahia Culebra. Playa Panama is a short distance away from the  International […]


Cerro Chirripo

Climb the highest mountain in Costa Rica Part of the Talamanca Mountain range, Cerro Chirripo is one of the most exciting tours to do in this country! Because of its altitude, the flora and fauna change drastically. During the rainy season, there is sometimes snow on the summit! On clear days, it is possible to see […]

Heredia Costa Rica Church

Heredia Costa Rica

About Heredia Costa Rica The lush province of Heredia Costa Rica is in the hills north of the Central Valley. In fact, it’s a very short distance away from San Jose. Heredia Costa Rica is known for its green volcanoes and pasture and its coffee plantations. It is home to majestic volcanoes and rainforests. Heredia is very close […]

Escazu Costa Rica

The Town of Escazu Costa Rica

The trendy suburb of Escazu Costa Rica Escazu Costa Rica has a great choice of bars and restaurants for your entertainment. It is also home to the best shopping mall of San Jose, Multiplaza, and to the modern Hospital La Cima. This is favored by expats or by those coming to Costa Rica for medical […]

Alajuela Zarcero church

Alajuela Costa Rica

Alajuela Costa Rica: Land of Coffee, Volcanoes, Lakes, and Waterfalls The province of Alajuela, marked by extraordinary natural beauty with a chain of spectacular volcanoes that form the Cordillera Central. One of the main attractions of Alajuela Costa Rica is the Arenal Volcano. Arenal Volcano is an active volcano that guarantees a nightly show! Arenal Volcano […]

Playas del coco sunset

Playas del Coco Costa Rica – Beaches in Guanacaste

The Guanacaste province has skyrocketed in tourism the past decade due to the discovery of dazzling beaches, fantastic weather and astounding nature. Several beach towns have become popular destinations for tourists, and one that stands out as being most visited is the small but not sleepy town of Playas del Coco in the Gulf of […]


Turrialba Volcano Costa Rica

Turrialba Volcano, Costa Rica’s Peaceful Paradise Located not far from San Hose, Turrialba is a great stop on your trip.  The drive through the old Capitol City of Cartago, through the sugar plantations of Juan Vinas is a life changing experience. Once you arrive at the quaint splendor of Turrialba Volcano, you can feel the […]

Santa Rosa National Park view

Santa Rosa National Park, Costa Rica

Santa Rosa National Park  The Santa Rosa National Park is Costa Rica’s first national park. The park was once the setting of the historic battle of Santa Rosa. Santa Rosa is also an important conservation area for Savannah and deciduous forests, mangroves and many forms of animal life. The park covers approximately 500 square kilometers and is […]

Miravalles Volcano Cloud

Miravalles Volcano, Costa Rica

The Miravalles Volcano’s only historic eruption was a minor steam explosion in 1946. In fact, Costa Rica‘s biggest geothermal field are located in the surrounding area of Miravalles volcano. Miravalles Volcano – A sleeping Giant Miravalles has been sleeping for centuries, except for a small steam explosion in 1946. If you have an appropriate car, this trip is […]


Tenorio Volcano Costa Rica

The Tenorio Volcano and Rio Celeste The elusive Puma, as well as various species of monkeys and other mammals, and myriads of birds, insects and spectacular flora inhabit the forest of Tenorio Volcano. The Rio Celeste, meaning Blue River, is what brings people to the area for its brilliant sky blue color thanks to a reaction […]

Punta Islita Costa Rica

Punta Islita beach in Guanacaste Costa Rica

Punta Islita, Hidden Paradise Punta Islita Costa Rica located in the province of Guanacaste on the Pacific Coast. It consists of two small connecting beaches, some of the least Beaches of Costa Rica. They have amazing white sand, gorgeous sunsets, and wavy sea. The little community of Punta Islita is the perfect setting for a holiday in […]

Playa Carrillo

Playa Carrillo – Beach Near Samara

Playa Carrillo Costa Rica Guanacaste, known for their spectacular beaches. And Playa Carrillo is no exception to the rule. Carrillo Beach, located in Guanacaste, just south of Samara Beach, on the Peninsula of Nicoya. It has great unique beauty, making it the ideal place to go to unwind and relax. So come to experience a close contact […]

Cocles Beach

Playa Cocles

Caribbean Getaway Destination! Playa Cocles is a spectacular surf beach located just south of Puerto Viejo on Costa Rica’s stunning Caribbean coast. With long stretches of strikingly beautiful beaches and waves sure to be appreciated by every level of surfer, Playa Cocles is a quiet, peaceful destination. This beachside village consists of very few facilities. […]

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