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Rio Indio Lodge

A Luxury Resort Enveloped by Nature and a Unique Sport Fishing Destination

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  • Rio Indio Lodge Bedroom
  • Rio Indio Lodge Balcony
  • Rio Indio Lodge Hammock
  • Rio Indio Lodge Pool Table
  • Rio Indio Lodge Pool
Rio Indio Lodge Bedroom Rio Indio Lodge Hammock Rio Indio Lodge Hammock Rio Indio Lodge Pool Table Rio Indio Lodge Pool

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Rio Indio Lodge

A unique Sport Fishing Resort and eco-lodge located just minutes north of the Costa Rican border in Nicaragua, the Rio Indio Adventure Lodge is enveloped by nature yet has all the luxurious amenities of a four star hotel with twenty-seven palatial suites with king or queen beds, elegant tiled bathrooms and a large private screened-in porch. The hotel is beautifully fashioned from local hard woods and boasts an infinity pool set in beautifully manicured gardens.

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Rio Indio Lodge

History, Food and Nature combined

The location of the Rio Indio Lodge has a fascinating history.  From buccaneers and pirates, such as Captain Morgan and the ancient Rama-Indians, you can explore the area and discover the lagoon where Morgan hid whilst planning his invasions. Nearby, Old Greytown was the also the center of the Costa Rican gold rush attracting a host of infamous banditos. The cuisine here is unique as it reflects a culinary mélange with Costa Rican, Nicaraguan and Caribbean influences.

Rio-Indio Maiz Biological ReserveRio Indio Lodge View

The Rio Indio Adventure Lodge takes its name from the uncharted Rio Indio-Maiz Biological Reserve in southeastern Nicaragua. Spanning 640,000 acres, the reserve is the largest lowland tropical rainforest north of the Amazon, composed of wetlands, coastal areas, forests, highlands and swamps. It is filled with virgin jungles and abundant, diverse wildlife, and is also considered a top-rated world fishing destination. Most of the Park is difficult to explore alone, which is why the designers of the Rio Indio Adventure Lodge have made it easier to discover this uncharted paradise.

Four Star Luxury at Rio Indio Adventure LodgeRio Indio Lodge Pool

With elevated walkways and cabins built on stilts, the Rio Indio Adventure Lodge is enveloped by nature yet has all the luxurious amenities of a four star hotel. Wind direction, the arc of the sun and shade were taken into consideration during the design process. The hotel offers twenty-seven spacious, luxury suites with king or queen beds, beautifully tiled bathrooms and a large screened-in porch. The entire hotel is made from local hard woods for a rich quality finish. The property even boasts an infinity pool set in beautifully manicured gardens.

Rio Indio Lodge A Fisherman’s Paradise

For those looking for an adventure holiday in Costa Rica, there are many things to do in and around the Lodge including bird watching, fishing, kayaking and hiking. The hotel will provide guided tours for guests who want to see the area and its wildlife. For avid fisherman, the best time to come is between September and May, due to the water levels and the weather. Rio Indio Adventure boasts its own marina and equipment, ideal for fishing enthusiasts.


Each of the 27 cabins are treehouses that have been built on stilts over the jungle resulting in panoramic views of both Captain Morgan’s Lagoon and the river.  Spacious, with 700 square feet, they have been lovingly crafted by artisans out of local hardwoods, the cabins are open-plan and have 2 queen beds, ceiling fans, and a over-sized, tiled bathroom. Additionally, each room has a screened-in deck, to enjoy the splendid river views of the wildlife and  lush nature. Expect excellent room service daily, with fresh towels, shampoo and soap.

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