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Pacuare Lodge

Enclosed by tropical rainforests

The Pacuare Lodge is a Off-the-Beaten-Path luxury Hotel nestled in a rainforest overlooking the Pacuare River, which National Geographic has listed as one of the worlds top ten scenic rivers.

Destinations Pacuare

Region Central Valley

Price From Over $300


Leaves (CST)

Type Boutique Nature Adventure Off The Beaten Path Sustainable Ecolodge Signature




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Pacuare Lodge

Pacuare Lodge PoolDeep Within The Jungle

Pacuare Lodge, buried deep within the jungle. An Eco hotel enclosed by rainforests and fresh green canyons serve as a rafting outpost along the Pacuare River. The world-famous Pacuare Lodge sits on Costa Rica's Caribbean basin. Heavy rainfall and dense vegetation retain its primitive nature. Indigenous tribes near Pacuare River live beyond modern life thanks to earth's giving spirit. This place will add a special experience to your Costa Rica vacation you will never forget.


Rural Transport

There are two ways of reaching and leaving the Pacuare Lodge. Travel light and prepare yourself for rain. Transportation from San José to the river's already included. From there the ground route includes four-wheel drives. Then a hanging gondola crossing the Pacuare River and a short hike. The river option entails white water rafting through jungles and canyons spotting waterfalls and riparian diversity. You will pass some exciting rapids. Have lots of fun and surround yourself with the amazing vegetation and watch exotic birds flying over your head.

Sustainable Tourism in Pacuare LodgePacuare Lodge Hammock

This Eco-friendly hotel is fully detached from cars, cell phones, computers, TVs and even electricity. Time and time again, patrons express how enchanted they are by the green luxury found at Pacuare Lodge. Bungalows spread out with ample space and the decor blends with the natural forest and river ambiance. When nature's light darkens at six in the evening, candles on chandeliers are lit by hand for delicious dining. After sharing stories to the sounds of cicadas, frogs, lizards and insects, patrons soundly fall asleep under a mosquito net.

Ecological Activities

Away from it all, Pacuare Lodge is ideal for romantic couples that wish to relax in nature. Removed from the industrial world does not mean a lack of thrills and action. Here rafting over white waters between forest-covered canyons the main allure of Costa Rica Pacuare Lodge. The Lodge's private reserve hosts tropical forest canopy tours, jungle zip line tours, rappel tours and horseback riding. Lodge guides are great for exposing wildlife during early morning bird walks and visits to indigenous villages. The staff's very cordial and provide required safety from tropical rainforest hazards.

Hotel  Pacuare Lodge

Pacuare Lodge PoolOk, I admit it – I’m a lucky guy… I’ve gotten a chance to see and stay at some of Costa Rica’s best Hotels & Resorts. I’ve stayed at so many beautiful places that it’s getting harder and harder to impress me… I’m not trying to brag – just being honest. But the other weekend I was blown away by The Pacuare Lodge Costa Rica. WOW!

Loved it

I’ve always loved the Pacuare river and have had the chance to experience these class 4-5 rapids on several different occasions. The Pacuare River is rated one of the top 5 rivers for white water rafting in the world for its scenery and rapids. For me, it would be harder to imagine a more beautiful backdrop for a rafting trip. Here you’ll float by virgin rainforest, indigenous reservations, through canyons and past waterfalls, while toucans fly overhead and monkeys scream from the trees. Rapids such as Cimarrones, Pinball, and Upper & Lower Huacas are sure to get your heart pumping. I highly recommend Rafting on the Pacuare River Costa Rica – one of my all time favorite experiences!

And that’s the coolest part of staying at the Pacuare Lodge! You can raft into the lodge and raft out – there are very few places in the world where you can do this. For those who aren’t partial to getting wet or rafting, you can also access the lodge by 4×4 or if you have the budget, by helicopter. But don’t expect just another rustic lodge because of the accessibility of the lodge! This lodge is upscale and luxurious and has been the chosen destination of celebrities such as Mathew McConaughey and Norah Jones to name a few.

My jaw dropped to the floor when we went to check out the Linda Vista and Honeymoon Suites – absolutely incredible! I’m not even planning on getting married anytime soon, but this would be the place where I would want to splurge and spend a few nights on my honeymoon – what an incredibly romantic destination!

So much to do

Pacuare-Lodge-SuitesAside from the white water rafting, there is so much to see and do at the Pacuare Lodge. Here guests enjoy the hotel’s on-site canopy tour, a waterfall rappelling tour as well as hiking and cultural tours to the nearby Cabecar indigenous reservation. After a day of adventure, you’ll we wowed again by the food and the genuine friendliness of the staff who go out of their way to make sure that your every need is taken care of.

But even more impressive than the place, the people, the food, and the tours are the Pacuare Lodge’s conservation efforts. They have recently been awarded the country’s highest honor – 5 leaves by the CST, a recognition that very few hotels in Costa Rica have attained.

The staff and owners of the Pacuare Lodge are Costa Ricans, many of whom come from the area itself. You can tell that the genuinely care about the community and the area in which they live and enjoy sharing it with its guests. The Pacuare Lodge, a fantastic lodge, great people and truly one of my favorite experiences!

Rios Tropicales Lodge Bedroom

Rios Tropicales Lodge

Price From: Over $300.

Type: Boutique, Nature, Romantic, Adventure, Off The Beaten Path, Sustainable Ecolodge.

Pacuare Lodge river suiteRiver Suites

The River Suite has a private terrace with hammock, an inside and outside shower and either a king size bed or two full size beds.

Pacuare Lodge river viewRiver View Deluxe

The river view deluxe has a private terrace with hammock and a waterfront deck with sitting area and a king size bed.

Pacuare Lodge linda vistaLinda Vista Suites

The Linda Vista Suite has a king size bed in the master bedroom, a living room, an indoor and outdoor shower, a deck and terrace with hammock and sofa, and a private spring-fed pool.

Pacuare Lodge canopy suiteCanopy Suite

The Canopy suite has a 180-degree forest view, it has a king size bed and a terrace with a hammock and sofa. The suite has a spring-fed stone swimming pool and private suspension bridge and treetop platform.

Pacuare Lodge jaguar villaJaguar Villa

Jaguar Villa is the most luxurious suite at Pacuare Lodge. The suite has a master bedroom with a king size bed and a sitting area, a living space that has two daybeds. The suite comes with two showers, one indoor and one outdoor, there is a tub in the master bedroom, and it has a waterfront terrace with a sitting area and hammock.

Pacuare River Costa Rica

The Pacuare offers a full day of Class III/IV rafting in some of the most beautiful scenery and countryside that Costa Rica has to offer! This full day adventure includes breakfast and lunch and transportation to and from some of Costa Rica’s major destinations. Located on the Atlantic slope of the country, the Pacuare borders the Talamanca Mountains and is unique in scenery and adventure.

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